May 1, 2018


How can our storage help you this season? Trips to the beach, a road trip to the mountains, anything is possible this summer and Keep Safe Storage is ready. Plan for the extended trip or just get organized around the house. Do not forget to enjoy some of the special things happening in our town. West Haven is a part of New Haven County which always has something entertaining to go to. Find more ideas below for day trips, weekend excursions and your favorite West Haven CT events.


Many community members look forward to all the different events hosted at Savin Rock. This is a local hot spot for fun during the summer. Savin Rock was an amusement park and later turned into a place for families to come relax in our great neighborhood. Now they are the host of several classic events. The first one will be the Heart Walk at Savin Rock. Start your training for this vigorous work out for a great cause. Our community is teaming up with the Heart Association of America to shine awareness on a disease that effects so many.If you love summer most for the produce and fresh food that comes out of it, the West Haven Farmers Market is your spot. The 19th Annual Tony Inzero Farmers Market opens on Thursdays and Saturdays from July 5 until October 27. Bring your basket and walking shoes because there is a lot to see.When the heat wave strikes, take your mind off your move for just a moment to enjoy these festive good times. The storage possibilities at Keep Safe Storage will keep everything safe while your fun continues this season. Bring the moving truck here and drop off what you need to store, then head to the cabin or to the beach, summer is waiting!