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May 27, 2022

Our Storage Unit Size Guide

Moving? Clearing out your house? Need to store your sales inventory? Whether you require a large or small storage unit, Keep Safe Storage on Highland Street has temperature-controlled and drive-up solutions for all your storage needs. Read our storage unit size guide below to know what kinds of items can fit into each of our storage units. That way, you can find an efficient amount of space to protect your items during their time in storage. See what storage size will best serve you!

Self Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide - Keep Safe Storage in West Haven, CT

Small Storage Units

As you could have probably guessed, small storage units do not have too much space. That is why efficient packing is so essential. Small storage units can usually fit a handful of large furniture pieces with small- or medium-sized boxes around them. The smallest storage unit, 5×5, can fit only up to a full size mattress, but larger storage units in this category do not have size restrictions for mattresses. Be sure to double check the measurements of your items before you attempt to store them.

Medium Storage Units

If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not have room for all your belongings right there in your home. Medium storage units can hold your items, like kayaks, golf clubs, seasonal clothing, and more. They have enough space for your bigger furniture items and even smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, scooters, and bikes.

Large Storage Units

Speaking of vehicles, if your apartment complex or neighborhood does not have room for your extra vehicle, store it with us until you are ready to take it out again. Our large storage units can hold your car or truck, small boat, or trailer. If you are moving to a new house in the area, large storage units can typically hold 4-6 rooms’ contents.

Keep Safe Storage in West Haven, CT

Keep Safe Storage has temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage units available at our facility on Highland Street. Still not sure whether you need a medium or small storage unit? Our online storage calculator can give you a recommendation, or you can contact our office to get a sizing estimate from one of our experts. Make sure you do not pay for more storage space than you need!

Secure Self Storage

You never have to worry about the safety of yourself or your items while storing with us. Keep Safe Storage has security cameras monitoring 24/7, and the local police department is right around the corner. In addition to that, our on-site managers keep an eye on the facility during business hours. Rent or reserve your next storage unit with us today in West Haven, CT!
You can find your next storage unit with us online through our contactless storage rentals. Browse our available storage units to compare sizes and amenities to find the storage space that will best serve you. Then choose whether you wish to rent your storage unit to move in right away or reserve it without commitment for a future date. Check out our storage units in West Haven, CT!
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