How can self storage help you with getting the kids back to school? This time of year is busy, with the start of school and preparing for winter, summer belongings need a safe place to keep for the winter and Keep Safe Storage can be just that! Our local storage in West Haven CT is your solution for moving pool toys and camping supplies to storage and make room for the car in the garage.Find useful and quick tips for getting the kids ready for their first day and ideas of how to successfully move your gear to storage.


  1. Choose lunch snacks that make the kids happy and healthy with a bin of choices in the fridge. Cheese sticks, apple slices, even yogart can be on stock for packing lunch.
  2. Are the kids still struggling to get to the bus stop on time? Set a reminder a few minutes before they need to be out the door.
  3. A family calendar is useful for doctor appointments and after school activities. Go online with apps like Cozi!
  4. Prepare for mornings that are rushed with an extra supply case in the car.
  5. Keep extra bins with supplies for late night projects.


  1. Self storage helps store everything from beach toys to tents and camping supplies.
  2. Clean coolers, pots, pans, and anything you used to carry food. Cleaning these items will prevent any critters in your storage unit.
  3. Store your clothing properly with the help of InStyle.
  4. Find moving supplies to help pack your items for storage and organize them while in there.
  5. Inflate tires to the correct PSI before storing to prevent flat tires in the spring.
Local storage in West Haven CT is your solution to an organized fall and successful end of summer. Make Keep Safe Storage your go-to option for your belongings this season by reserving your space online today!

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