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Moving near New Haven CT? Whether joining the area for school, work, or need a fresh start finding a place to live nearby is helpful with a guide to the area. Keep Safe Storage is a local storage facility in West Haven CT, along the coast of New Haven County. Learn about the neighborhood and find a place to store your items with Keep Safe Storage! Living in & Enjoying West Haven CT You will find history, business opportunities, and plenty of things to do in our vibrant community. From West Haven's own Coney Island, formerly Savin Rock Amusement Park, to Yale's West Campus and the University of New Haven our college city is a great place to live. ranks West Haven has the 9th most diverse community in the whole state. Since we are located along the coast of Oyster River Beach is a great getaway. Sandy Point Bird Sanctuary is another local attraction you will want to check out. We care about all aspects of our community! Self Storage in West Haven CT If you are moving to the neighborhood our self-storage can help! Keep Safe Storage is located on Highland Street near the Connecticut Turnpike. We offer drive-up storage units as well as interior temperature-controlled storage options. You can rent online now or reserve for a later date. Have questions about renting with us or our West Haven CT neighborhood? Get to know our team of local storage professionals to guide you through the next storage rental. ...

April 2nd, 2020

Shed Organization Make it Easy


Are you looking for simple and resourceful ways to organize your shed? Keep Safe Storage has found some creative ways which will make your shed organization easy and your life a little less stressful. Check out these ideas to make the most of your storage space. SHED ORGANIZATION IDEAS Maximize your wall space by adding floating shelves or pegboards. Floating shelves will allow you to create more storage space by moving shelves to accommodate items of different sizes. In addition, use various hooks and hangers on the pegboard to place small tools. Use an old closet rack or PVC pipes to store long-handled garden tools. Hang the closet rack on the wall of your tool shed and use it to store big and small tools. Similarly, you can scrap pieces of PVC pipes and cut them to the angle so that they can be easily drilled to the board. Put the rack or PVC pipes holder close to the shed door for easy accessibility. If you have loads of smaller tools like nuts and bolts, you can easily store them in the plastic jars. All you need is a wooden shelf and a few used empty jars. Screw the lid of the jar to the underside of a wooden shelf. To free up some floor space, you can store big boxes or little scraps of lumber in an overhead shelf. Usually, the space between the studs in woodshed if often unused. It can be a great place to store smaller items like balls. Use bungee cords and fastened them to the wall studs. This will keep your balls in one place and will also make them easily accessible. Storing in West Haven CT Talk to our storage experts at Keep Safe Storage for more information on any of these organization ideas and with any of your storing needs. We are conveniently located in West Haven, CT and offers a wide variety of temperature-controlled storage units. Our unit size ranges from 5x5 to 10x10. So, ...

February 26th, 2020

Top 5 Holiday Storage Hacks To Reclaim Your Space

Self Storage

Do you want to clean out the house after the holidays? Where are you storing your yard decorations? Keep Safe Storage has a storage unit ready to rent for the novice decorator and the expert illuminator. Find 5 holiday storing tips to help with some of the smaller decorations the holidays have. Lights, Ornaments, Storage Save plastic cups to help store small tree ornaments. Wrap string lights around cardboard sections. Old hangers can be repurposed into a solution for hanging wreaths. Keep dust from hard to clean wreaths with a garment bag. Labels and clear boxes will make it easy to find things next year. Choosing the Right Unit For Your Needs How do you know which storage unit is the right one for you? Storing household seasonal items or from the business Keep Safe Storage has you covered. Just a Few Twinkle Lights A small 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit will work for the small seasonal items. With enough space as a closet, this size storage unit is great for a few boxes and an artificial tree. Indoor & Outdoor Decorations Every door has a wreath and every window a candlelight; for those that take the decorations to the next level consider a storage unit 10x10 or 10x15. This small room like storage unit will safely store your items. The More the Merrier Lights set to music, Santa on the roof, and Santa's village down below, the holidays are a time for creative light illuminations. If you relate more to this a large storage unit, 10x20 or 10x30 would suffice. There is enough space in this garage size storage unit to help you keep your lights ready for next year. ...

January 23rd, 2020

How You Can Help With Our West Haven CT Holiday Collection

Our Community

The holidays have arrived and Keep Safe Storage is helping you with the organization and holiday cheer. We offer self storage for your belongings all year long with experts to guide you through the storage rental. Now that the holidays have arrived Keep Safe Storage wants to go a step ahead with a West Haven CT holiday collection for all. Our charity season began in October with our moving supply drive for the Susan G Komen foundation and wraps up with a collection for a local charity. This December we are donating charitable gifts to the Toys for Tots in our area. How You Can Help 1. Pick up a new toy or a few gifts for boys and girls 2. Drop off your charitable donation to our West Haven CT storage office by the 14th of December. That is it! 2 easy steps to bring cheer to someone during the holidays. We will drop all the donations off at our local Toys for Tots office so the kids in the area will have a gift. About Toys for Tots The organization started in the 1940s with a handmade doll given as the first gift. That first year over 5000 toys were given to a child in need. The organization has since paired up with the US Marine Corps Reserve and saw a big jump in donations. They support over 250 million kids to date! Founder Bill and Diane Hendricks would be proud of the efforts their charity has taken to improve the community. Make your donation for our West Haven CT holiday collection by December 14th. Holiday Storage for Winter Whether you need storage for the upcoming family gathering or for your summer belongings, Keep Safe Storage can help you find self storage. Reserve online for the date you need! Simple secure storage rentals can make this busy time of year easier and organized. Come by the office to rent your next storage unit or make a donation for our ...

November 26th, 2019

Our Charity Storage Auctions Are Supporting a Cause

Our Storage Facility

Where can you find a place to plan for a move, store your items, and donate unwanted gear after moving? Keep Safe Storage can now help with all your moving tasks. We have been a solution for renting storage units and purchasing moving supplies in the West Haven CT community, but now we are a drop off option for gently used items. Some of our storage auctions in West Haven CT are now benefiting Charity Storage. Learn about the organization and how you can help! Drop Off Today! Anyone in the community can donate! College students at Yale University or the University of New Haven can take advantage after moving out of the dorms. Homeowners or businesses near New Haven CT or Milford CT can also benefit! The time to donate is now and Keep Safe Storage has the space to keep everything safe. Do not have anything to donate but still want to help? Start bidding online! Once our storage unit is full we will post the items online through Storage Treasures. All the auctions are public so you can help us raise money for our charities. Who We Are Supporting With the help of Charity Storage, each online storage auction we post for them they will give the proceeds to not only one charity but three! We chose The American Heart Association to receive 60% of our raised funds. Kure It Cancer Research and the SSA Scholarship Fund are the other two partners with Charity Storage. The late Barry Hoeven founded Charity Storage with Lance Watkins and then went on to found Kure It Cancer Research. Keep Safe Storage is proud to be your West Haven CT storage solution and now a donation center for gear. If you have furniture, toys, clothing, even used office supplies, drop them off in the office and help us support these great organizations. Stop by today to make a donation for our Charity Storage auctions and rent your West Haven CT storage unit online! ...

November 12th, 2019

5 Self Storage Supplies Useful While Moving

Moving Tips

Ready to get your gear packed and moved to the storage unit? Let Keep Safe Storage help you pack your belongings like a professional and find all the storage tools you need! Storage tools can make the difference between a simple stress-free move and more complicated transition. Keep Safe Storage has storage units for rent as well as packing supplies all in one easy location, you are set. Why Choose Our Storage Supplies? 1. Convenience - Find self storage in West Haven CT and moving supplies right here! 2. Peace of Mind - Our boxes, tape, covers and more are all state of the art storage supplies. 3. Knowledgeable Experts - We have a team on-site devoted to making every step of the storage process simple. They can guide you through purchasing tools needed while storing. Your Moving Supply Shopping List 1. Tape / Tape Dispenser 2. Furniture Covers 3. Locks 4. Mattress Covers 5. Boxes Find these and more at our office on Highland Street in West Haven CT. Did you know October is breast cancer awareness month? Keep Safe Storage is going pink for the month of October and donating a portion of sales to the Susan G Komen foundation. You can help us give back this month by purchasing storage supplies from our office and we will take care of the rest! Take advantage of U-Haul's packing supply calculator and our storage unit calculator if you are looking for online resources while planning. Make your moving budget with the help of our experts! Our storage units in West Haven CT can be reserved online anytime! ...

October 1st, 2019


Self Storage

Keep Safe Storage is West Haven CT’s self storage facility with a storage unit you can trust. Our drive up units with wide drive isles are ideal for moving trucks to get in and out. Along with self storage Keep Safe Storage has your West Haven CT holidays planned out. From local attractions, to easy ways to be charitable, the busiest time of year is simple at Keep Safe Storage. HOW CAN YOU BE CHARITABLE? Every year we choose a program that benefits a large group of people in our neighborhoods and this year is no different. We chose Toys for Tots, a classic well known program, that gives back to communities all over the United States through the United States Marine Corps. Toys for Tots started in 1947 in Los Angeles with Bill Hendricks and his wife Diane. They wanted to bring joy to kids who may not have presents to open and their initial dream has continued to live on. Since the first gift was given the program saw exponential growth when the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves got involved. As these soldiers drop off presents for under the tree, they are not only bringing a little cheer this year, but they are a role model. The simple act of giving is contagious and has such a large impact on our youth today.Thank you to everyone who donated toys and gift cards! We will be collecting items in our office until December 10th. SELF STORAGE IN THE NEW YEAR Keep Safe Storage is proud to offer self storage all year long. Stop by our storage location in West Haven CT for a tour or rent your storage unit online. Self storage space like ours keeps your belongings safe, and your budget happy.Give us a call or start the renting process online! ...

September 26th, 2019


Self Storage

How can self storage help you with getting the kids back to school? This time of year is busy, with the start of school and preparing for winter, summer belongings need a safe place to keep for the winter and Keep Safe Storage can be just that! Our local storage in West Haven CT is your solution for moving pool toys and camping supplies to storage and make room for the car in the garage.Find useful and quick tips for getting the kids ready for their first day and ideas of how to successfully move your gear to storage. HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL Choose lunch snacks that make the kids happy and healthy with a bin of choices in the fridge. Cheese sticks, apple slices, even yogart can be on stock for packing lunch. Are the kids still struggling to get to the bus stop on time? Set a reminder a few minutes before they need to be out the door. A family calendar is useful for doctor appointments and after school activities. Go online with apps like Cozi! Prepare for mornings that are rushed with an extra supply case in the car. Keep extra bins with supplies for late night projects. STORING YOUR ITEMS FOR FALL Self storage helps store everything from beach toys to tents and camping supplies. Clean coolers, pots, pans, and anything you used to carry food. Cleaning these items will prevent any critters in your storage unit. Store your clothing properly with the help of InStyle. Find moving supplies to help pack your items for storage and organize them while in there. Inflate tires to the correct PSI before storing to prevent flat tires in the spring. Local storage in West Haven CT is your solution to an organized fall and successful end of summer. Make Keep Safe Storage your go-to option for your belongings this season by reserving your space online today! ...

September 17th, 2019


Self Storage

Keep Safe Storage, located just outside several college campus communities and in the hub of West Haven CT. Our storage goes beyond finding a place to store your belongings, we make connections so you feel at home when traveling or moving to a new neighborhood. This month we have recommendations for events to attend, businesses, and more to help you make the most of your new West Haven CT community. WHAT TO DO IN WEST HAVEN CT? August 8th New Haven Green comes to life with peace and kindness at the Interfaith Service Day. Visiting Jewish, Muslim, and Christian youth work together to show peace can be achieved through acts of kindness. I Wage Peace has multiple volunteer projects you can get involved in on August 8th. Sign up today and see the impact you can have on a group of growing minds. SCHOOLS TO VISIT University of New Haven Yale University Ward-Heitmann House Museum Keep Safe Storage is down the street from Yale University and several college campuses. Our convenient location for college students makes it easy to store books and dorm supplies during the summer break. OUR COMMUNITY From the excellent schools to ease of access to our storage facility, Keep Safe Storage is centrally located to help you. Stop by our office off I-95 to speak with our manager about storing with us. We love our West Haven CT community and want to share our favorite places to eat, shop, and enjoy.Need storage? Rent your storage space online! With a safe place to store your belongings, you can explore a future college choice and the New Jersey coast in the summer with the help of Keep Safe Storage. ...

August 5th, 2019


Self Storage

Have you ever thought, “I could use some extra storage space for all my possessions?” Storing with Keep Safe Storage goes way further than just keeping your belongings stored away in our secure facility. Our West Haven CT affordable storage options can be the answer to may causes. Whether it is moving, all the way to just needing somewhere to store extra items that over crowd your home. Take a look at these 10 reasons below of how our West Haven CT self storage can be helpful. YOU MAY NEED STORAGE IF… Renovating a area of your home (i.e: bedroom, family room, den, basement, garage, etc.). Selling your home and moving. Downsizing your home or helping a family member downsize theirs. Your business is expanding! Storing extra inventory and equipment for work. Starting an online business. Recently changed your relationship status. Storing seasonal items and decorations. Storing hobby and sports equipment. Children returning from college for the summer. FAVORABLE FEATURES Options and reasoning for self storage are continuous. For that reason is why we provide storage features our customers will desire and benefit from. Keep Safe Storage is under 24 hour video recording, allowing you to be worry free about your belongings stored in our facility. As the customer, you provide your own lock and key for optimal security to your specific storage unit. Also you get to choose your own pin for the gate access making it unique to yourself. Our storage experts have immense knowledge of the storage industry and are pleased to assist you for any questions or concerns you may have.Keep Safe Storage is more to the West Haven CT area than just a storage option. Seek out West Haven CT affordable storage, moving and storage supplies, neighborhood friends and storage tips all on our facility grounds at Keep Safe Storage.Keep Safe Storage wants to be beyond storage for each and every customer. If you are taking into account of moving this summer or desperately just need some extra storage for your belongings ASAP, contact us today. If you are ...

July 16th, 2019

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