Save on Storage for Your Move When You Refer a Friend

Moving Tips

Looking for self storage to help with a move? Renting a storage unit nearby can organize your whole moving process and make settling into your new home a lot easier. You can even save money when you refer a friend to Keep Safe Storage. Did you know the United States saw a burst in the number of people who moved from cities during the first six months of the pandemic? We break down below some of the reasons people were moving as a result of the coronavirus. Why City Dwellers Are Moving to the Suburbs Too Costly. City rent usually does not have a lot of space to show for it, but people pay it anyway to be close to the office, public transportation, and attractions. When cities began to shut down because of the coronavirus, residents could only really spend time in their apartments. Many decided to move near friends or family in the suburbs with more affordable rent and more space to live in. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago were three city areas that had the most people pack up and leave. Too Strict Regulations. City governments cracked down on mask mandates and occupancy restrictions, but places with less dense populations did not receive as strict regulations and enforcement. Too Many People. It is not easy to social distance in a crowded city. Instances like public transportation and small shops leave you no choice but to share space with others. Some people moved away temporarily for their own safety. Save at Keep Safe Storage When You Refer a Friend Moving to West Haven CT for work or school? Keep Safe Storage has temperature-controlled storage units that keep your belongings organized and secure. Swing by our storage facility on Highland Street or call our office to see what we can do for you. Or you can rent or reserve online! ...

February 6th, 2021

The Pandemic Hit West Haven CT Families Hard, But You Can Help

In Our Community

Are you ready for the holidays? This year, many families are not in a position to look forward to the holiday season. With unemployment rates up, The Salvation Army is anticipating up to 155% more people using the holiday assistance programs this year. Since those programs work on the local level to serve our communities, Keep Safe Storage is accepting holiday donations for The Salvation Army at our West Haven CT office. Holiday Assistance Programs in West Haven CT This year, The Salvation Army in Connecticut has already served more than 1,700,000 meals and provided more than 46,000 food boxes. The local efforts of volunteers are really what make the difference in our community. But The Salvation Army needs our help this year more than ever. Without as many red kettles outside retail stores because of COVID-19, fewer donations are being collected, and fewer funds are available for these programs. When families are in financial trouble, they know they can turn to The Salvation Army for help. With programs like bill pay assistance and homeless shelter support, The Salvation Army has made its mark on small communities for 130 years. Now it needs your help to make sure those who have trusted them it help are taken care of. If you are able to give a little this year, we are accepting donations at 321 Highland Street. Keep Safe Storage on Highland Street With more than 30 years of experience supplying the West Haven CT community with storage, Keep Safe Storage has the best service in the area. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs with you to help you figure out what kind and size storage unit you need. We offer interior, temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage units. Our storage units can hold your personal belongings, or you can use them to organize your business! Rent or reserve your storage solution online today! ...

November 16th, 2020

How to Pack for Storage with Our Storage Supplies

Packing Tips

Do you need more space for your home or business? Keep Safe Storage on Highland Street in West Haven CT has you covered from the storage unit to the storage supplies needed for packing. Talk to one of our experts to see which of our storage units would best fit your needs! 1. Make Labels or a Cheat Sheet No matter how you do it, find a system for differentiating your boxes and listing their contents. It will be easier to find a certain mug when you know which boxes are holding kitchen items, and more specifically cups. You can label the box directly or make lists in a notebook. 2. Heavy Objects Go in Small Boxes Yes, your large box can fit a lot of large items. But those will get pretty heavy, and you will be risking injury to carry them. If you store heavy objects in smaller boxes and lighter objects in bigger boxes, you can avoid your box breaking or you getting hurt. If you need more boxes or bubble wrap for packing, come by our office. We sell storage supplies to the West Haven CT community. During the month of October, we are donating a portion of our sales to breast cancer research through Susan G. Komen. 3. Prepare by Reserving Your Storage It is never a bad idea to be a step ahead. Browse our available storage units to see which one would best fit your storage needs. You can then reserve that storage unit up to 7 days in advance. Find Storage and Storage Supplies in West Haven CT Look no farther than Keep Safe Storage on Highland Street. Besides temperature-controlled storage at affordable prices, Keep Safe Storage provides tenants with resources for easier storage. We accept shipments on behalf of tenants and can give 24-hour security gate access upon request. Get started with us today! ...

October 14th, 2020

Benefits of Commercial Storage

Business Storage

Businesses generally come with a lot of inventory and equipment. Let Keep Safe Storage help you get organized with our interior, drive-up, and temperature controlled commercial storage units. Our experts can match you with the right storage for your needs! Commercial Storage Benefits Temperature-Controlled/Interior Storage Units Some items may warp, break, or grow mold in extreme hot or cold. Temperature control prevents this by keeping a storage unit in a specific temperature range. Items that should be stored in temperature-controlled storage units include photographs, files, antiques, wooden furniture, and art work. Inventory of any kind should also be kept in temperature control or at least inside to assure it stays intact to ship to your customers. Interior storage units are not temperature controlled, but they still provide extra amounts of security. There are more walls and locked doors in between your items and the outside. Drive-Up Storage Units Our wide aisles allow your moving vehicles to navigate through the facility to your storage unit with ease. Then you can drive up to and unload directly into your storage unit. Flexibility When renting self storage, you can rent short-term or long-term. Sign a month-by-month lease if you are just looking to store items through a move or start up. You can sign longer-term if you plan on regularly storing seasonal items or using your storage unit to hold extra inventory. Who Uses Commercial Storage? Lots of professions have found that self storage advantages for their businesses, including: Contractors and Home Services Restaurants/Catering Businesses Retail Stores and E-Commerce Shops Real Estate Agents Home Stagers/Interior Designers Medical Professionals Store inventory, organize tools, and stash away furniture until you need it again. Commercial storage has a lot of benefits for businesses, and our experts can help you figure out how self storage can excel your business. Storing with Keep Safe Storage Keep Safe Storage on Highland Street is your ideal West Haven CT commercial storage solution. We can receive shipments on your behalf, and if you need access to your unit outside of normal access hours, you can request ...

September 15th, 2020

Size Guide: Will a Small Storage Unit Have Enough Room?

Our Storage Facility

Moving? Clearing out your house? Need to store your sales inventory? Whether you require a large or small storage unit, Keep Safe Storage on Highland Street has temperature-controlled and drive-up solutions for all your storage needs. Read our sizing guide below to know what kinds of items can fit into each of our storage units. Small Storage Units As you could have probably guessed, small storage units do not have too much space. That is why efficient packing is so essential. Small storage units can usually fit a handful of large furniture pieces with small- or medium-sized boxes around them. The smallest storage unit, 5x5, can fit only up to a full size mattress, but larger storage units in this category do not have size restrictions for mattresses. Be sure to double check the measurements of your items before you attempt to store them. Medium Storage Units If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not have room for all your belongings right there in your home. Medium storage units can hold your items, like kayaks, golf clubs, seasonal clothing, and more. They have enough space for your bigger furniture items and even smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, scooters, and bikes. Large Storage Units Speaking of vehicles, if your apartment complex or neighborhood does not have room for your extra vehicle, store it with us until you are ready to take it out again. Our large storage units can hold your car or truck, small boat, or trailer. If you are moving to a new house in the area, large storage units can typically hold 4-6 rooms’ contents. Keep Safe Storage in West Haven CT Keep Safe Storage has indoor, outdoor, temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage units available at our facility on Highland Street. Still not sure whether you need a medium or small storage unit? Our storage calculator can give you a recommendation. You never have to worry about the safety of yourself or your items while storing with us. We have security cameras ...

August 24th, 2020

How Self Storage Can Help You Make Space For A Home Office

Home Office

The time of using a pop-up work station in your living room for running your business, working remotely, or even just getting all your bills in order is over. It is time to take back your home with the use of self storage, so you can make your extra space into a home office. Keep Safe Storage in West Haven CT provides multiple storage solutions so you are able to work from home or run your business while staying organized. Additionally, your workspace can be used as a home gym, allowing yourself to keep active physically and mentally. Below you can discover suggestions on how to utilize self storage around your home! Home Office: Remove Distractions Use Storage Space Comfort Is Key Make A Shared Space Home Gym: Convert Your Outdoor Space Stay Organized Keep It Spacious Combine Work & Play The use of these suggestions will help you get started with organizing your home. When making your at-home office make sure it is a place in the home that you will want to work every day. Storage in West Haven CT When working out or working remotely from home, self storage is an essential factor in staying organized. Located in West Haven CT, our secure facility has a fully fenced perimeter along with 24-hour recording cameras. In addition to our security measures, drive-up and indoor temperature controlled self storage units are available in a variety of sizes. Our range of storage unit sizes is perfect for storing large items such as furniture or smaller personal items so you can have the space needed to make a home office or workout area. Start storing in West Haven CT at Keep Safe Storage today by renting or reserving a unit online! ...

July 15th, 2020

5 Temporary Storage Tips To Help After a Move

Self Storage

Did you recently downsize your home? Keep Safe Storage in West Haven CT can help you stay organized with temporary storage tips. After your move, enjoy getting to know your new home with the help of our rentable storage units in West Haven CT. Our goal is to help you find the storage space for your household items. 5 Temporary Storage Tips Self-storage to keep the garage useful and store seasonal items. Store furniture to make a home office where it suits your family, like the living room. Keep your office productive with a few plants to liven up your room. Add a few extra amenities to your home with your new-found space.  Rearrange your living space to maximize the area Find your next storage solution online at Keep Safe Storage! Our contactless storage rentals make it simple to rent or reserve your temporary storage space today. ...

June 1st, 2020

Contactless Storage Rentals: Easy, Fast, Secure

Self Storage

Make storing your belongings simple with Keep Safe Storage. Our West Haven CT storage facility can assist online through our contactless storage rentals and in-person with professional guidance. Our online storage rentals are an easy way to rent self-storage near you and start storing the same day. Learn how easy it is to rent with Keep Safe Storage today! Renting Online: Use the size guide to determine which storage unit is right for you Choose move-in on the unit table next to the storage unit you want. Select your insurance option - if providing your own send a copy of the declaration page to our manager Next, add your address and verify your contact information. Choose a secondary contact in case of emergencies Add credit card information and sign up for auto-pay so you never forget a payment Once you confirm the rental a lease will be emailed to you to complete the rest of the rental. Read over and sign the lease to send it back to the manager and receive your gate code. Your rental is complete and you are ready to move in! Our Team Is Here To Help Yes, renting online with contactless storage rentals is fast and easy but if you have a question reach out to us! Keep Safe Storage offers in-person assistance for those who want to view their storage units before signing the lease or if you have questions only an expert can answer. We still offer our commitment free storage reservations which require no credit card to hold a storage unit. Let us help you protect your items in a secure storage unit today! ...

May 1st, 2020

Mover's Guide to West Haven CT

Our Storage Facility

Moving near New Haven CT? Whether joining the area for school, work, or need a fresh start finding a place to live nearby is helpful with a guide to the area. Keep Safe Storage is a local storage facility in West Haven CT, along the coast of New Haven County. Learn about the neighborhood and find a place to store your items with Keep Safe Storage! Living in & Enjoying West Haven CT You will find history, business opportunities, and plenty of things to do in our vibrant community. From West Haven's own Coney Island, formerly Savin Rock Amusement Park, to Yale's West Campus and the University of New Haven our college city is a great place to live. ranks West Haven has the 9th most diverse community in the whole state. Since we are located along the coast of Oyster River Beach is a great getaway. Sandy Point Bird Sanctuary is another local attraction you will want to check out. We care about all aspects of our community! Self Storage in West Haven CT If you are moving to the neighborhood our self-storage can help! Keep Safe Storage is located on Highland Street near the Connecticut Turnpike. We offer drive-up storage units as well as interior temperature-controlled storage options. You can rent online now or reserve for a later date. Have questions about renting with us or our West Haven CT neighborhood? Get to know our team of local storage professionals to guide you through the next storage rental. ...

April 2nd, 2020

Shed Organization Make it Easy


Are you looking for simple and resourceful ways to organize your shed? Keep Safe Storage has found some creative ways which will make your shed organization easy and your life a little less stressful. Check out these ideas to make the most of your storage space. SHED ORGANIZATION IDEAS Maximize your wall space by adding floating shelves or pegboards. Floating shelves will allow you to create more storage space by moving shelves to accommodate items of different sizes. In addition, use various hooks and hangers on the pegboard to place small tools. Use an old closet rack or PVC pipes to store long-handled garden tools. Hang the closet rack on the wall of your tool shed and use it to store big and small tools. Similarly, you can scrap pieces of PVC pipes and cut them to the angle so that they can be easily drilled to the board. Put the rack or PVC pipes holder close to the shed door for easy accessibility. If you have loads of smaller tools like nuts and bolts, you can easily store them in the plastic jars. All you need is a wooden shelf and a few used empty jars. Screw the lid of the jar to the underside of a wooden shelf. To free up some floor space, you can store big boxes or little scraps of lumber in an overhead shelf. Usually, the space between the studs in woodshed if often unused. It can be a great place to store smaller items like balls. Use bungee cords and fastened them to the wall studs. This will keep your balls in one place and will also make them easily accessible. Storing in West Haven CT Talk to our storage experts at Keep Safe Storage for more information on any of these organization ideas and with any of your storing needs. We are conveniently located in West Haven, CT and offers a wide variety of temperature-controlled storage units. Our unit size ranges from 5x5 to 10x10. So, ...

February 26th, 2020

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