Self Storage

November 1st, 2013

We think it’s important to not only go green & save the planet, but save some green for your wallet! Check out these cool re-purposing ideas with items you will find laying around the house!Top 10 Re-purposing Tips: 1.       Re-purpose an old frame for a vanity serving tray 2.       Use a Twister Game mat as a table cloth 3.       A toothbrush gets corn silk off the cob in a jiffy 4.       Use a colander on top of a bowl for ice, that way the water drips out & you only get solid ice 5.       A tp tube provides the perfect place to keep hair ties, clips & barrettes 6.       Vegetable oil will shine up any old shoes that need to be polished 7.       Stash a few needles & thread in a matchbox for a travel sewing kit 8.       Beer 6-pack carriers make a great condiment & utensil carrier 9.       Life savers make the perfect cake candle holder 10.   Use that free shower cap in the hotel room to wrap your shoes before putting in your suitcase