Are you trying to keep the office organized? Keep Safe Storage is the go to self storage facility in West Haven CT. With our 24/7 surveillance and optimal business storage you can’t go wrong. If you are a business owner in need of extra room to support your growing business, we have the space for you!How would your business use storage space? We help small and large businesses find the room they need to keep up with their demand. Common businesses utilizing storage space include:
  • Retail stores see an increase in demand near the holidays. To prepare for the influx of customers coming to your shop, over stocking the shelves is important. To get ahead of the rush you can order your extra inventory and keep it safe until the busy holidays roll around.
  • Restaurants with patio furniture have to consider where to keep the tables and chairs after the weather gets chilly. A storage unit is ideal for these larger furniture items. As well as the outdoor equipment this space is useful for catering dishes and extra serving sets.
  • Realtors are determined to sell your house as fast as possible with as little hassle. One way realtors use storage, is for the staging materials. Pictures decorations and home goods can all stay safe until the next house comes along.
Storage units at Keep Safe Storage are helpful for many businesses and homeowners. If you need a couple extra square feet for work or home stop in to talk with us. You can also reserve your unit online at any time.