How can storing your school gear help you this summer? While you plan for your end the semester projects and cram for test, Keep Safe Storage can help you find space for your dorm room items. Our West Haven CT college storage options are ideal because of our short term leases and how secure they are. You can leave everything close to campus, so come fall moving back is simple.Keep Safe Storage is close to several college campuses which is ideal for those students. We help many college students form Yale, Benjamin Franklin College and many others who are storing during the summer months, let us help you!Ready to rent storage now? Head over to our units available and choose the storage unit you want. Need it for a later date? Give our store manager a call to reserve it a few months in advance.


  1. Use our Easy Pay option to make paying your storage bill hassle free. Easy pay is our automatic monthly payment option that takes the worry away when remembering to pay your bill.
  2. Even though you will want to keep the AC unit plugged in until you leave, give it a few days to defrost. Then store it with a towel underneath to catch any leftover water.
  3. Storing your mini fridge? Leave the door open so mold and mildew do not grow.
  4. Sharing your storage unit with a future roommate is a great way to plan for next year’s apartment. So you do not confuse personal items, labels will help keep everyone’s belongings to themselves.
  5. Pack your large boxes light so they are easy to move and the integrity of the box holds up. Too much weight causes the bottom to break.
When packing up any space, BuzzFeed’s tips may be of assistance. As are students look forward to a much needed break and many families are heading into moving season, Keep Safe Storage is happy to help. Make your next move as easy as possible with the help of Keep Safe Storage and our West Haven CT college storage ideas.