Summer is right around the corner, are you ready? Maybe you started getting the summer gear out or maybe you are buying tools for a new hobby. Which ever stage you are at, Keep Safe Storage in West Haven, CT is here to help! Our facility has everything you need to take back your space this summer. Get those supplies out of the attic or garage and store them with us. We are the easy option when it comes to storing your summer gear. Get on the road soon with early gate access hours. Don’t forget to review the current hours. If you need earlier times, stop in to talk with us about options.


Keep the sand at the beach. Shake out as much as possible and wash towels and blankets to ensure no sand in your unit. Plastic is great for the beach, but it may deteriorate after a few trips. Before storing broken toys, make sure they pass your inspection. Make a friendly reminder for yourself of what items you discarded last season. That way you know what needs purchased this season. Take food out of bags and coolers before putting them back into storage.


While cleaning your chairs and tables keep an eye out for any lose screws and issues. Fight off rust from season to season with a waterproof spray. Bring your grill back to life this spring by lubrication any moving parts and sanitizing the grill surface. Your cushion covers may be dirty when you uncover them. A simple wash will get the dirt out. If you are fighting off sap use a product similar to WD-40. Enjoy your summer gear all season long with help from the storage professionals at Keep Safe Storage!