Are you looking to spruce up your space? Spring is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to get rid of any winter clutter. Keep Safe Storage is getting ready for the warmer weather and organizing with Pinterest. Keep reading for links to coordinate your home and life.


  • Look for checklists to help you not forget anything. Pinterest has lists for every room!
  • Before saving your ideas to a board on Pinterest make sure the site has all the details you are looking for.
  • Consider finding a schedule to use as a friendly reminder of what organization projects to do when.


  • Sometimes a project can be done using supplies you already have. Search for reuse and recycle ideas to cut back on the discarded items.
  • Moving a whole house or switch rooms around? Stay on top of all the stresses of moving with this easy guide.
  • Simplifying the clothes in your bedroom will keep them from creeping out of the closet.
  • Your kitchen will never look better if you follow these easy tips.
  • Cleaning your bathroom can be a hassle sometimes. Pinterest has the tools to make the job simple.


  • If you need some help figuring out which budget is best for your finances Pinterest has many different solutions.
  • Come up with a payoff plan for your debts. The stress will stop growing when you come up with a plan to tackle the issues.
Keep Safe Storage knows how important your belongings are, that is why we want to help you organize with Pinterest. There are so many helpful sites for home renovations, organization, and creative storage solutions you can use. Stop in for supplies to get started and advice to keep you motivated.