What are you looking forward to most this season? The sun is coming out, the snow is melting, now is a great time to get storage packing tips to help you organize. After a long winter you may want to clean a few things out and there is no safer place to store them then with Keep Safe Storage. We will show you our best solutions for storing winter equipment and pulling the yard equipment out. With these step by step instructions you are ready at the first sign of warmer weather.πŸ“·
  • Clean and dry is important for storing appliances. Clean fridges, freezers, and even washers. Make sure everything has had time to dry.
  • Divide up the work room by room. Do not get overwhelmed if you are planning a big move, just take it a room at a time.
  • A general label on the outside of the box will help you remember what is inside.
  • Create a list with a general location of where each box is and what is inside. Leave this is an visible spot at your unit or take it with you, but do not forget the list the next time you stop by.
  • Make a few isles in the unit so you can easily access the boxes in the back rather then unpacking everything.
  • Rent a moving truck and a team of professionals or friends to help you move.
  • Avoid using plastic bags when storing. This material is not breathable and can trap moisture in fabric and ruin wood or leather surfaces.
  • Treat your wood furniture and leather couches with a protective spray to help it during the hazy days of summer.
Start planning the family vacation and this year’s outdoor project knowing your household items are in a safe place. Keep Safe Storage packing tips are useful during any seasonal change. See how our storage options can make your home the place you always dreamed of.