Are you on an endless hunt for the best the packing supplies? Look no further then your favorite West Haven, CT self storage facility, Keep Safe Storage. This month we are breaking down the basic moving supplies you need. Below you will find all your must-haves.


  • Bubble wrap is best for glassware, dishes, figurines and all your small fragile items.
  • Choose the color of tape you need for your job, clear or tan. If you are sending packages out to a customer, consider getting the tan tape to create a clean looking package.
  • It’s always better to buy in bulk! For the bigger jobs go for the value pack of tape. The 3 rolls will pack around 30 boxes.
  • Don’t let your chairs go unnoticed. Add a cover to your living room, office and even patio chairs to keep them looking new.
  • Key things to remember when packing is know the weight limit of your boxes. Use the large box for the bulky items and keep the weight in mind when stacking on top of each other.
  • If you are not looking for a full glassware protection kit, you can buy the cardboard partitions and bubble pack bags separately, and in a variety of sizes.
  • Disk Locks are the most common lock in self storage. The stainless-steel material combined with the water drain holes keep your belongings protect through anything.
  • Stop your belongings from the affects of mildew and mold with a refillable damp rid container.
  • Stretch wrap is will keep doors closed on furniture while moving.
  • Moving kits take the guess work out of all the supplies. Talk with your property manager about the specifics at your site.
Moving can be hectic, so don’t let finding the supplies be a hassle too. Keep Safe Storage has everything you need right here! Stop in to talk with us about all the possibilities.