Save on Storage for Your Move When You Refer a Friend

Looking for self storage to help with a move? Renting a storage unit nearby can organize your whole moving process and make settling into your new home a lot easier. You can even save money when you refer a friend to Keep Safe Storage. Did you know the United States saw a burst in the number of people who moved from cities during the first six months of the pandemic? We break down below some of the reasons people were moving as a result of the coronavirus.

Why City Dwellers Are Moving to the Suburbs

  1. Too Costly. City rent usually does not have a lot of space to show for it, but people pay it anyway to be close to the office, public transportation, and attractions. When cities began to shut down because of the coronavirus, residents could only really spend time in their apartments. Many decided to move near friends or family in the suburbs with more affordable rent and more space to live in. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago were three city areas that had the most people pack up and leave.
  2. Too Strict Regulations. City governments cracked down on mask mandates and occupancy restrictions, but places with less dense populations did not receive as strict regulations and enforcement.
  3. Too Many People. It is not easy to social distance in a crowded city. Instances like public transportation and small shops leave you no choice but to share space with others. Some people moved away temporarily for their own safety.

Save at Keep Safe Storage When You Refer a Friend

Moving to West Haven CT for work or school? Keep Safe Storage has temperature-controlled storage units that keep your belongings organized and secure. Swing by our storage facility on Highland Street or call our office to see what we can do for you. Or you can rent or reserve online!

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