Selling Items Online: How Storage Can Help

How do you start selling items online? As the seasons change you may notice certain items are not being used as often as before. What do you do with these belongings? Keep Safe Storage has space to help you store them and tips to sell online. Many selling websites and apps make it easy to post your belongings you want to get rid of. Take a picture it, upload it to the site, and store with us while you wait for a buyer.

Keep Safe Storage, your temperature controlled storage solution, a drive up self storage option, and all around convenient storage answer. We are here to provide our customers with the service and answer they need for any situation. Stop by our self storage location in West Haven CT to help with your online sales.

Selling Items Online West Haven CT

What You Need To Know When Selling Online

  1. Photos and good descriptions can set your products apart from competitors. If selling online is the main focus for your business, make it easy for your customer to scroll through and purchase.
  2. Set a limit to how long the product will be available. Ebay uses bids to open and close anything sale.
  3. More detail the better! Take lots of photos and include a caption with each one.
  4. A higher price can give you the most profit, but if you are selling gently used items be willing to meet your customers in the middle.
  5. Sell in bulk! Kids clothes are a great example for selling in bulk. Group by size or season and clean out the closet faster.

Selling Websites and Apps

  1. Facebook Marketplace: Take photos with your phone and take your business with you.
  2. Etsy
  3. Ebay
  4. Offer Up

In between your sales online, keep merchandise and your extra gear with Keep Safe Storage. A drive up storage unit can start your spring cleaning with success.

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