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Are you looking for simple and resourceful ways to organize your shed? Keep Safe Storage has found some creative ways which will make your shed organization easy and your life a little less stressful. Check out these ideas to make the most of your storage space, and see how Keep Safe Storage can help you declutter your home or business in West Haven, CT.
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Shed Organization Ideas

  1. Maximize your wall space by adding floating shelves or pegboards. Floating shelves will allow you to create more storage space by moving shelves to accommodate items of different sizes. In addition, use various hooks and hangers on the pegboard to place small tools. These are easy to switch up when you need to quickly update your space.
  2. Use an old closet rack or PVC pipes to store long-handled garden tools. Hang the closet rack on the wall of your tool shed and use it to store big and small tools. Similarly, you can scrap pieces of PVC pipes and cut them to the angle so that they can be easily drilled to the board. Put the rack or PVC pipes holder close to the shed door for easy accessibility.
  3. If you have loads of smaller tools like nuts and bolts, you can easily store them in the plastic jars. All you need is a wooden shelf and a few used empty jars. Screw the lid of the jar to the underside of a wooden shelf.
  4. To free up some floor space, you can store big boxes or little scraps of lumber in an overhead shelf. This is also a quick and easy option for storing away longer tools, bicycles, and other equipment.
  5. Use the space between the studs in the woodshed. It can be a great place to store smaller items like balls. Use bungee cords and fastened them to the wall studs. This will keep your balls in one place and will also make them easily accessible.

Storing at Keep Safe Storage in West Haven, CT

Visit Keep Safe Storage to find the extra storage space to support your shed organization ideas. By storing away your seasonal and long-term items that barely get any use throughout the year, you are freeing up space to create the shed you want. Keep around your everyday tools and belongings, and maybe even create a workspace with the space that is freed up. Keep Safe Storage is conveniently located in West Haven, CT, and offers a wide variety of indoor, temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage units. They range in size, so you can find the perfect amount of space to handle your load. You can easily store everything from yard tools to living room furniture sets to family photos.
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