The time is coming to figure out the best ways to handle cold snowy conditions. Strengthen your car before the cooler weather comes to keep your car equipped for the season. Below are solutions for maintaining your vehicle all winter.
  • The first step is to find the location you want to store your vehicle or motorcycle. A garage shields the vehicle from unwanted pests, and destructive environment. If storing outside take extra precautions to preserve your vehicle.
  • Switch old oil out for new to keep sediment from settling in lines while the vehicle sits for the season. This is also the time to fill any fluids that are low or need changing as well.
  • If dirt is left on the car problems can occur when taking the cover on and off. Scratches in the paint can be caused by dirt left after an unsatisfactory cleaning.
  • To permit smells and moisture from entering your vehicle place a box of baking soda in the interior of the car. This will help keep your vehicle moisture free.
  • Keeping the parking brake on all winter causes extraneous pressure on the mechanism and make getting on the road challenging.
  • It’s worthwhile to fill tires to a calculate for the cold temperatures and deflation. Rotate the wheels every so often to put an end to flat spots.
  • Attempting to start your car after putting it away for the winter can do more harm than help. Upon starting your vehicle water vapors will accumulate in the combustion chambers and all exhaust components. Resulting in starting from step one in storing your vehicle.
Stop in to gather more solutions for maintaining your vehicle all winter. We can help you make this winter an enjoyable one. Speak with one of our trained professional about solutions to other storage challenges today!