Cooler weather is right around the corner, are you ready? If you need to pack the beach pails away to make room for winter shovels let Keep Safe Storage help. We have tips to find the best places to recycle in West Haven, CT. Stay organized at home, work and at the storage unit with our guide.
Recycling does not always mean the weekly pick-up is the only option. When the thermometer starts to drop it is time to bring out the layers. Before sleds and shovels need used inspect everything and donate anything not useful to you. If the kids do not use them anymore or they are past their usefulness then donating is the next step. This way you can stay environmentally aware and help families in need.The leaves are beautiful this time of year but when they fall there is a lot of hard work and yard waste that goes into cleaning them up. You local recycling center may take clippings or even hazardous waste. Call before dropping any of these materials off.Public libraries and schools will accept gently used books. Talk with teachers in the area to find a local school in need.Do not forget about your vehicle. Change the oil and give it tires with lots of tread to get through the wintery storms. The old car parts are useful for mechanics and salvage yards.Excess furniture is nice to have when a family member needs help furnishing their new home, but if you need to find a family in need contact a Habitat for Humanity for donation times.Enjoy apple picking and fall festivals while we watch over your gear. Make space around the house, office and storage unit with our recycling organization tips. Keep Safe Storage is here for all your moving and storing needs. Stop in to take a tour, rent a public storage unit as well as pick up the best packing supplies.